English translation

Here is the English translation of  the Begrabnisgesang. Many thanks to Richard Williams for this translation.

SONG OF INTERMENT​Michael Weisse (1488-1534)


Now let us bury the body,

Of which we have no doubt

That he will arise on the Day of Judgment

And will irrevocably be gone from here/


Earth he is and of the earth

And will also become again earth

When God’s trump will sound forth.


His soul lives eternally in God,

Who down here  has wiped it clean

By His mercy from all sin and misdeeds

Through his Covenant.


His labour, misery and wretchedness

Has come to a good end.

He has carried Christ’s yoke,

Has died and still lives.


The soul that without all complaint,

The body sleeps until the Judgment Day

On which God will transfigure him

And guarantee him joys.


Here he has been in fear

But there he will be healed,

Will be radiant in eternal joy and rapture

Like the glorious Sun.


Now let us leave him here to sleep

And all of us go our ways

And send us also on with all diligence

For death comes to us all in the same way.


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