Need help?

We are almost half way through our rehearsal schedule. Many of you came to the Saturday rehearsal which I am sure you found very useful. Are you still struggling though? Do use the You Tube links on the web site to help you at home. You may also benefit from a part rehearsal. This generally takes place in someone’s home. Members of your part sing through the pieces to the accompaniment of a piano or CD. If you don’t know when a part rehearsal is taking place or don’t think one has been arranged, do badger your part rep,  mentor, or committee member.

Below are some of the people to contact

Bass – Roland – mentor, Tim Sanders Hewitt or Peter Danheisser -committee members.

Tenor – Richard Harries and Robert Wood – committee members

Alto – Pippa McDonald – committee member

Soprano – Fenella Huckle – mentor. Ferelith Horden, Charlotte Simon, Felicity Ellacombe – committee members.

You can also comment on this blog and it will be passed onto the right person.


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