Next Term

We look back at our concert a week ago. What a lovely occasion; congratulations all who were able to take part or joined us for that evening.

We now look forward to our next term in the New Year. Rehearsals will start on Monday 6th January 2014. We will be working towards our concert on Saturday 29th March. Saturday Rehearsals 8th February and 8th March Our programme:

Liszt : Via Crucis

Bach: Cantatas 38 and 182

We will also include some Bruckner Motets. If members of the choir have copies of Bruckner: Geistliche Chöre [Motets], Peters edn., please bring them along to rehearsals from January

If any members of the choir is able and would be willing to run off for free some (legal) copies of Bruckner motets for those members who don’t already have them, we can supply the PDF files which can be legally copied. 10 pages (double sided, ie. 5 pieces of A4 per copy). Please could we have some volunteers with access to photocopiers to run off say 10 or 20 copies each, sharing out the load and keeping the costs of the concert down. We would need them brought along to the first rehearsal of the new term. Please could you contact me as soon as possible

Thank you 

Future dates:

Summer 2014

Term starts Monday 7th April 2014

Concert Saturday 5th July, 7.30pm, St Luke’s Church, Ramsden Road

Saturday Rehearsals 17th May and 14th June

Gilbert and Sullivan: The Pirates of Penzance

 AGM : Monday 7th July 8pm


Sunday 15th Dec. Carols at the Eagle – 8pm. Come and sing carols at the Eagle, 104 Chatham Road Battersea London SW11 6HG We will be collecting for Spires charity.-

2 Responses to “Next Term”
  1. Stephen Pickles says:

    Dear Ferelith and/or colleague I don’t have access to bulk copying I am afraid, and I shall miss the first rehearsal, but I would very much like to have an early sight of the score. Extra time helps! Thankyou Stephen


    • Hi Stephen,
      Unfortunately the scores have not been delivered yet. They are on their way from Bucharest apparently. We will a copy of each for you, but cannot give them to you early. Sorry about that

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