Spring Term 2014 and registration form

Spring Term 2014
Happy New Year
We start our new term Monday 6th January, 8pm at Broomwood Church Hall, Kyrle Road SW11. We will be rehearsing Liszt: Via Crucis and Bach: Cantatas 38 and 182, We will also be looking at three Bruckner Motets. If you already have Bruckner: Geistliche Chöre [Motets], Peters edn., please could you bring it with you. However, there will be copies of the motets available if you do not have this.
Concert Saturday 29th March, 7.30pm St Luke’s Church, Ramsden Road SW12
Saturday Rehearsals 8th February and 8th March
 Below is the Registration Form It is very helpful if you are able to print it off and bring it with you on Monday. However, there will be copies available at the door
We look forward to welcoming you.
Spring Term Application Form 2014
The cost of music and fees for this term are listed below. Please could you complete the form, especially noting the data protection box, which we ask you to tick so we can keep your details on our database. Cheques should be made payable to the Festival Chorus.

  Membership INCL music     £85

Membership (no music)       £63

Concession prices are no longer offered as standard but if you find the fees difficult please talk to the Treasurer.

Music prices are as follows:          Liszt Via Crucis:      £7.95

                                                     Bach Cantata 38:     £5.75

                                                     Bach Cantata 182:  £9.40


The concert will take place on Saturday 29th March 2014 at 7.30pm. Rehearsal on the day is mandatory, and we ask that you also ensure you attend the rehearsals in the previous two weeks to allow us to guarantee seating at the concert. 



Name:  _____________________________________________________

Voice Part:   Soprano  /  Alto  /  Tenor  /  Bass   (please circle as appropriate)

Postcode:  __________________________________________________

Home phone / mobile:  ________________________________________

E-mail:  _____________________________________________________

Cheque              Cash

Membership INC music               £ 85

Membership (no music)               £ 63


Please note below any skills or talents which might occasionally be valuable to the Festival Chorus (e.g. financial, event management, journalistic, legal, theatrical, technical etc)




Are you joining Festival Chorus for the first time?   Yes/No

If Yes, how did you hear about us? (e.g. friend, website, poster/flyer, press) _



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