Saturday Rehearsal and Schedule

Our first Saturday rehearsal is coming up – SATURDAY 8th FEBRUARY 10.00am – 1.00pm at St Mary’s Church Balham High Road, SW12.
The church is 2 minutes from the Underground and Overground Stations and there is a bus stop almost outside (both sides of the road). There are no car parking facilities but bikes can be secured outside. Please do not bring bikes into the church’
Our Saturday rehearsals are a great way to consolidate what we have looked at so far.

There will be a Bass Rehearsal on Thursday 13th February 8pm at 56 Roseneath Road, SW11.

The Rehearsal Schedule for this term is on the website; a very useful tool.

PARTY – our tradition of having a party after our concert is special. However we do need a venue. Please could you let me know if you would like to be our host this term. The only requirement, to be within easy walking distance of the church. As always the Committee provide full support and catering; we just need a space.

Spring 2014
Term starts Monday 6th January 2014
Concert Saturday 29th March, 7.30pm St Luke’s Church, Ramsden Road SW12
Saturday Rehearsals 8th February and 8th March
Liszt: Via Crucis; Bach: Cantatas 38 and 182

Summer 2014
Term starts Monday 7th April 2014
Concert Saturday 5th July, 7.30pm, St Luke’s Church, Ramsden Road
Saturday Rehearsals 17th May and 14th June
Gilbert and Sullivan: The Pirates of Penzance

AGM : Monday 7th July 8pm

Autumn 2014
Term starts Monday 1st September
Concert Saturday 29th November, 7.30pm, St Luke’s Church, Ramsden Road
Saturday Rehearsals 11th October (tbc) and 8th November (tbc)
Verdi: Requiem


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