News of our 40th Anniversary

Colin Matthews OBE

We are delighted that Colin Matthews has agreed to write a 20 minute piece for our choir to be performed during our 40th anniversary season (2015-16). It will be a huge feather in our cap – Colin is without question one of the UK’s most important living composers. And he happens to live very near our rehearsal room.

There are still elements of the commission to sort out before finalising a contract – not least finance and sponsorship, but your committee is optimistic and enthusiastic.

We have asked Colin to come up with a piece that celebrates music, music-making and singing. In doing this, we would like him to draw on words from different sources. This is where you come in. We would like you to contribute your favourite pieces of prose or poetry about music or singing. It may be a whole poem or some lines from a novel…maybe a sentence from a text book, or simply a quotation, a one-liner. Or you might write something yourself. Longer or shorter, it should be something that resonates with you about music, or about why people sing and what it brings to our lives. We will collect all you contribute and provide it to Colin as a pool into which he can dip and select, combining varied texts to build a structure for his piece.

Please let us have your contributions (to this email) by Sunday 16 March.


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