Important – concert details for choir members.

1) Monday 17/03/14 and Monday 24/03/14 – rehearsals will be in St Luke’s Church, Ramsden Road, SW12 8pm. These are our final two rehearsals when we begin to think seriously about seating. There will be a list of members which the part mentors will hand round. Please tick, and indicate if you will be missing either of these rehearsals, or if you know someone who is not there but will be singing. This very important for numbers – it makes a difference whether the staging has to cater for 70 or 90+

Tickets will be available – don’t forget to collect your allocation.

We will also be thinking about the concert arrangements. Please do sign up to help with the staging on Friday 28th in the evening. We will also need bar staff and help with front of house. The lists will be going round – volunteers (friends/families) welcome. It makes a big difference if there are plenty of helper. This is especially the case after the concert, when the more people who can lend a hand, the quicker the church is cleared. At present this is left to a small band of regulars; we would welcome new faces (and hands).

3) Final rehearsal Saturday 29th, 2pm St Luke’s Church, Ramsden Road SW12 – obligatory attendance if you intend to sing in the concert. Please arrive by 1.45pm in order to be seated. We try to keep the arrangement close to the positions of the rehearsals, but this is not completely possible, and you may find yourself in a slightly different seat.

4) Please could you let me know if you offer hospitality to one of our soloists after the rehearsal before the concert

5) Concert Saturday 29th– 7.30pm. Choir to have arrived by 7.15pm. Remember to bring your music covers

Concert dress – Men: black dinner suits, white shirts and black bow ties
Ladies: all black; long/mid calf dresses/skirts/trousers. Sleeved tops. No obvious jewellery

Please do not have bottles of water or handbags on the stage during the performance. Bags can be kept in the Chancel or, even, better with friends or family in the audience.

6) Party – I am delighted to announce that our party will be held at 184 Broomwood Road, SW11 6JY.Our hosts are Mary and Charles Ellis. This is a really great social occasion for everyone – £6 for food and the first glass of wine. Bring your guests.
Thank you both so much

Special Event:

SATURDAY 22nd March – St Luke’s Open Day – The Festival Chorus will be performing our Bruckner Motets at 10.30am. It would be very helpful if you could sign a list I will have on Monday – or send me your name – if you intend to be there. We will meet at the church 10.15am and will be singing for 15 – 20 minutes. However, there is packed programme full of interest to encourage people to stay a bit longer.

We start rehearsing for our Summer Concert on Monday 7th April 2014

4 Responses to “Important – concert details for choir members.”
  1. Kate says:

    St Luke’s didn’t appear to have a choir in it this evening…

  2. I am very puzzled. We were there in force and by that time immersed in Liszt. The door to the church is in Thurleigh Road and was open all the time. I was there from 7.30 – and indeed the Altos were there earlier rehearsing in the Vestry Loft.

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