Concert Protocol etc.


Almost there

SETTING UP – thank you to all who have put their names down to help set up. This will be taking place from 6.00pm at St Luke’s.

SATURDAY – Rehearsal starts at 2.00pm and will last until 5.00pm. Please bring your own water and snacks. Please arrive by 1.45pm to be seated. We are a double choir and though every effort will be made to ensure you can sit next to friends, please be prepared for the seating arrangement to be a bit different from rehearsals.

Remember to bring your Concert folders. There will be some for those who do not have one to buy or borrow,

Sits and stands – these have now been posted on the website. I hope to bring a few hard copies.

.Concert dress – Men: black dinner suits, white shirts and black bow ties

Ladies: all black; long/mid calf dresses/skirts/trousers. Sleeved tops. No obvious jewellery

Please do not have bottles of water or handbags on the stage during the performance. Bags can be kept in the Chancel or, even, better with friends or family in the audience.

Pre concert talk – there will be a pre-concert talk at 6.30, when Antony Lewis-Crosby will be in conversation with Andrea Brown. All welcome..

CONCERT – we will be assembling in the church hall at 7.15pm

PARTY – the post concert party will be at 52, Roseneath Road, SW11. An enormous thanks to Annette and Julian Armstrong, our hosts. We look forward to seeing you there.


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