Letter from our Musical Director

Dear all,

Congratulations on your splendid performance last night. You all sang exceptionally well – we’ve had such great feedback from the audience and orchestra as well. I was particularly impressed with how you all added extra passion and expression to the piece after such a full afternoon’s rehearsal – well done. Highlights for me were the final choruses, No 33 – and most of the first half! Well done to the semi-chorus, who introduced the main chorus theme in the second half with great aplomb. The orchestra played beautifully and I thought our soloists were very fine indeed.

Huge thanks must go to our committee and all involved in the set-up, concert management and deconstruction of some serious rostra. Thank you also for the lovely flowers, too.

I have enjoyed working with you these past months on the Handel. It’s been lovely to get to know you all and I’m looking forward to our future work together, and the excellent performances that we’ll create.

with warm wishes,

2 Responses to “Letter from our Musical Director”
  1. Andrew Purkis says:

    What a lovely letter! Andrea, your work with the FC has got off to a flying start and we are already benefitting from your great teaching and musical skills and enjoying your personality. Please help us to “exaggerate” our pronunciation and contrasts in tone and volume even more, and learn chunks of the score off by heart so that we can keep our heads out of the books for whole passages! I am so sorry I cannot take part in the Mozart because I shall be out of the country on the concert date (rather early this year) but hugely looking forward to the Monteverdi etc. Warm wishes and thanks for the great leadership, Andrew Purkis (tenor and semi-chorus)).

  2. Stephen Pickles says:

    Thankyou, Andrea, for your thanks and for all the rehearsals. I continue to be saddened by how long it takes me to learn notes and words – and how they go together. I look forward to being able to lift my head from the score, but I will need help!

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