A Letter to all Friends

Dear Friend of the Festival Chorus,

We are fast approaching our 40th Anniversary year in 2016. As you know we are commissioning a work by Colin Matthews, which will form the centrepiece of our November 2016 concert, along with other wonderful pieces: Poulenc’s Gloria, Tallis’ Spem in Alium and V Williams’ Serenade to Music.
We are looking forward to seeing the new work and I recommend that you look at Colin’s own website http://www.colinmatthews.net. He has been described as ‘the Isambard Kingdom Brunel of contemporary music: master of great time machines, steamy with energy derived from pulse and from massive, surging harmony, and openly displaying their structural engineering, all finished with a craftsman’s care’, so it should be something to sing!

Such a commission and celebratory concert goes beyond our normal budget and so, in anticipation, we will have a special fundraising effort. On the 26th February we will be holding a fundraising dinner, but we will be giving you more details about that nearer the time.
In the mean time we will be looking for donations towards the commission and this special anniversary concert. Below we have suggested some ways to donate. If these seem too much or do not appeal, there will be plenty of other ways to donate either money, promises, or time as a volunteer at the dinner in February.

We hope you will be as excited as the committee about our anniversary celebrations. Please do feel free to comment or make suggestions via our choir email address thefestivalchorus2012@gmail.com. Pippa McDonald and Felicity Ellacombe will be organising the dinner and coordinating other fundraising.

Many thanks for your continuing support

The Committee of the Festival Chorus

Details for donors

The names of members who donate in excess of £500 towards the commission will appear, in perpetuity, on the published work.

The concert will have a unique concert programme. As usual all choir members singing in the concert will be credited, as will members of the orchestra. However, for this particular concert you may ‘sponsor’ a musician. If, for example, your musical child is learning the oboe,
for a donation of £100 your name – or your child’s – will be in the programme next to the part (1st oboe, perhaps) you are sponsoring.

We anticipate that some local businesses will choose to celebrate with us by taking out adverts wishing us well. If your business would like to do this, the cost is £50 for a half-page advertisement or £100 for a full page.

Or you may choose to do the same, as a family for instance e.g.
‘The Bloggs Family, Joe, Joanna, Jolene and Jonny, wish the Festival Chorus a successful concert in this their 40th Anniversary Year’

Please contact us via thefestivalchorus2012@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these ideas

Pippa McDonald, Felicity Ellacombe


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