Something to be getting on with over the summer

We had a very enjoyable and interesting AGM yesterday. We will be posting the details of Andrea’s speech etc on the site later. In the mean time she was very keen for everyone to get started learning the Monteverdi over the summer. That will allow her to concentrate on our sound (rather than just note bashing).
Below are some links you may find helpful.
The first is for Choral line. Please do consider purchasing your own copy of your part.,-vespro-della-beata-
The second is the cyberbass link for free on line help. However, this is not complete so you should not rely on it.
The third is a link to our You Tube page, where I have put a play list of two performances – J Elliot Gardiner’s and the Sixteen’s and a BBC documentary on the genius of Monteverdi

Please enjoy listening to these over the summer and we look forward to seeing you in the Autumn.

2 Responses to “Something to be getting on with over the summer”
  1. Catherine O'Neill says:

    Would it be possible to have an idea of which parts of the Monteverdi we are likely to rehearse in the first one or two rehearsals? I have the score, and hope to have some time to look at it over the holidays, and it would be most helpful to know where to focus. Many thanks.

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