Autumn Term

Please arrive at 7.30 if you need to register and collect music.

The Festival Chorus

We are singing the Monteverdi Vespers for the autumn concert. Andrea has asked that we extend rehearsals to 2 hours, so they will start at 7.45 in the evening. But she has also asked that the music be distributed earlier than usual so that members can do some prep on the piece. It will also mean less disruption at the first few rehearsals.
It would be very helpful therefore if you could fill in the registration form , pay and take your music in the next rehearsal or after the concert.
Attached is the form and BACs details.
Many thanks

Enrolment form – Autumn 2015

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One Response to “Autumn Term”
  1. judith roscoe says:

    I would like to let you know that I do plan to sing and I think I can get to 2 of the Saturday rehearsals – however I am on holiday in early September (this has been the case for a few years as it fits in with another regular annual commitment) for 2 weeks, so the first MondayI shall appear is 21st; I did sing the M Vespers before with the Festival Chorus and I have a score – it is the edition revised in 1994 – please advise if this is suitable. I have a CD we shall take in the car on holiday with us, & I will try and look up the appropriate on line help before I/we go away

    Best Wishes for the rest of the Summer Judith >

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