Rehearsal Schedule for the Monteverdi

Please note that the sectional dates at the end are proposed not fixed.

7/9 Deus in Adju/Dixit
14/9 as above + Magnificat
21/9 Laudate Pueri
28/9 Laudate Pueri

1st Sat – review all of the above

5/10 Ave Maria + Nisi Dominus
12/10 Nisi Dominus
19/10 Lauda Jerusalem
26/10 Lauda Jerusalem

2nd Sat – review all of the second section

2/11 Laetatus Sum
9/11 Laetatus Sum

3rd Sat review LS plus any other issues

16/11 (in St Luke’s) all
23/11 (in St Luke’s) all

26/11 afternoon reh in St Lukes with continuo, band + soloists
27/11 afternoon reh plus gig

I will schedule four sectional in Sep/Oct – proposed dates are:
7th October for tenors
14th Oct for basses – Host Peter Danheisser
22nd Sept for altos – Hostess Pippa MacDonald
30th Sept for sops – Hostess Fenella Huckle


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