Autumn Term Notices


Monteverdi : Vespers

A week to go.

Our season starts on Monday 7th September when we gather at Broomwood Church Hall, Kyrle Road SW11 – 7.45pm

If you have registered on line, please could you bring a copy of your form.

We are singing Monteverdi: Vespers using the Novello edition

In order to ensure we really do enjoy singing this wonderful piece, a number of measures have been put into place to help us

a) Rehearsals will start at 7.45pm and run for 2 hours

b) There will be an extra Saturday rehearsal – 10th October, 31st October both at St Mary’s, Balham, 14th November at St Luke’s. They run 10.00am – 1.00pm

c) We are already planning part rehearsals which will be supported by Andrea and Elspeth:

Alto part rehearsal – 22nd September

Soprano part rehearsal – 30th September

Tenor part rehearsal – 7th October

Bass part rehearsal – 14th October

All will start at 8pm. Please put them in your diaries.

d) Another date for the diary – Friday 11th September 7.30pm St Luke’s Church, Thurleigh Road SW12. This will be a great opportunity both to enjoy a social evening as well as watching a recording of The Vespers conducted by Sir John Elliot Gardner in St Marks, Venice. Tickets will cost £6 for your first glass of wine and food. They will be available at our first rehearsal as well as on the evening. We hope you will all join us for what promises to be a very enjoyable and inspiring evening.

The concert will be on Saturday 28th November, 7.30pm St Luke’s Church. The final rehearsal will be 2pm on Saturday 28th; attendance is mandatory if you intend to sing in the concert

And now a note from our Musical Director

Dear all

I’m looking forward to starting work with you all on the 7 Sep. Please do try to arrive on time to start at 7:45pm sharp for our first rehearsal. I will be spending some of that initial rehearsal putting singers into sections. We will be needing to balance out numbers in the tenor lines in particular. If you are a high Baritone or low Alto, please consider moving to a Tenor line for the Monteverdi as it would be most helpful: I will need to move a few of you on the 7 and it would be good that some of you might be amenable to this! (and tenors have the best lines of course).

all best wishes,



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