Saturday Rehearsal etc.

Saturday 14th November 10.00am – 1.00pm – REHEARSAL – St Luke’s Church, Thurleigh Road, SW12. Those who have managed our previous Saturday rehearsals will know how useful they are. Do join us if you can.

Monday 16th November and Monday 23rd November – both these rehearsals will be at St Luke’s Church, Thurleigh Road, SW12, 19.45 – 21.45. These are very important rehearsals allowing us to get used to the space and for establishing numbers. Please do tell us if you cannot attend.

As you will be aware the Audi Coelum is omitted from the older edition. I will bring copies of this for those who need it on Saturday. Alternatively, please find it as an attachment for you to download and print if you prefer. Our final rehearsal will be on Saturday 28th November, 2.00pm, St Luke’s Church – if you wish to sing, you must attend this.

Concert – Saturday 28th November, 7.30pm

We are sold out and I have a waiting list needing at least 20 tickets to satisfy. Please let me know asap if (sadly) you are not able to use your tickets. We are truly grateful for your support in this.

Party – this is a very Festival Chorus tradition, and a particularly nice one, since it allows us to relax after a wonderful concert with a glass of wine, food and conversation; a truly social affair. This year we must thank Lesley Connors who will be our host. – 3 Thurleigh Avenue, SW12

£6.00 for your first glass of wine + food. £3.00 subsequent glasses. Everyone is welcome; do bring your family.

Putting on the concert requires support, not least is setting up/taking down the stage and the bar, manning the bar and front of house. Please do volunteer yourself and members of your family when the lists go round. It really does make a difference.


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