Montiverdi Sits and stands

Monteverdi Stand and sit

Monteverdi Vespers

Stands and sits

1 Deus Stand throughout

2 Dixit Stand throughout – Sit at end

3 Nigra sum Sit throughout

4 Laudate pueri Stand throughout

5 Pulchra es Sit throughout

6 Laetatus sum Stand throughout

7 Duo seraphim Sit throughout

8 Nisi Dominus Stand throughout

9 Audi Coelum Stand throughout

10 Lauda Jerusalem Stand at the beginning; main choir sits at bar 10; semi chorus stays standing; main choir stands at Bar 45

NB Turn to Sonata P137

12 Sonata Sit throughout

NB Turn back to P 129

11 Ave maris stella Stand throughout

13 Magnificat Stand at the beginning; Sit at Bar 6; Semi chorus stand at Bar 85 after the pause; Semi chorus sit at Bar 145; All stand Bar 325 after pause bar; Stand to end.


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