End of Term Notices

​Happy Christmas

I hope everyone will have seen Andrea’s message to the Choir and her comments on our last concert; what an amazing evening.
Now we look forward to next term which will start on Monday 4th January, 7.45pm at Broomwood Church Hall, Kyrle Road, SW11. We are singing Brahms: Deutsches Requiem (in German) and Beethoven: Choral Fantasia. A number of us should have the Brahms from our previous performance. We will be using the Novello edition as we did then. The registration form is on the website for you to download. As is now the custom you are welcome to pay by BACS or bring a cheque/cash to the rehearsal. In either case, could you bring the form with you. This is for our records.

Singing the Monteverdi as we did was a real step for the Festival Chorus and marks a move towards achieving the vision set out by Andrea. Performing such music to the very best of our abilities requires a certain commitment. To that end, while remaining committed to our status as a non-auditioning choir that welcomes all abilities, we want to create a strong sense of purpose and the basis for real development.

To this end we timetabled two-hour rehearsals for the Monteverdi to support the challenge it presented. The Committee believes we should continue to hold two-hour rehearsals but recognise this might not work for all members, so please let us know if this is a problem for you.

Our performances are built on our rehearsals and regular attendance. Therefore (as has always been the case) if you miss more than 3 rehearsals, we ask that you do not sing in the concert. However, we are now formalising this requirement and will have a register for you to sign at each rehearsal (on the piano). The last two rehearsals are mandatory as is the rehearsal on concert day. These are always in St Luke’s and are vital for establishing seating numbers, balance – and getting used to a very different space.

We intend to continue to hold Part Rehearsals which both Andrea and Elspeth will support.

Of course, if you have a real problem, please do speak to the Chair or to Andrea.

Now to prevent withdrawal symptoms

Carols at the Eagle – come and sing carols at the Eagle, 104 Chatham Rd, London SW11 6HG,, Sunday 13th December, 7.30 – singing from c8.00pm. This is great fun and a really social occasion – and we collect for charity. We will be singing from the Green Oxford Carol book – so do bring it if you can.

Has anyone mislaid their Monteverdi score? Terry Coghlan picked one up – unnamed – If you would like to call on

8675 5030 to arrange collection.


Rehearsals start Monday 4th January 2016, 7.45pm

Concert Saturday 12th March, 7.;30pm

Saturday Rehearsals 30th January and 20th February, 10.00am – 1,00pm St Luke’s Church

Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem, Beethoven: Choral Fantasia

Summer Term

Rehearsals start Monday 4th April, 7.45pm

Concert Saturday 2nd July, 7.30pm

Saturday rehearsals tbc

Orff : Carmina Burana, Dove: The passing of the year

AGM – Monday 4th July 8.00pm

Autumn Term

Rehearsals start Monday 5th September, 7.45pm

Concert Saturday 26th November 7.30pm

Saturday Rehearsals tbc

Tallis: Spem in alium (tbc); Polenc: Gloria; Vaughn Williams: Serenade to Music; Matthews: World premiere Festival Chorus commission


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