Dear All,
As you know we have started to take a register at each rehearsal. This is to support Andrea’s vision to improve through commitment. We have noticed a number of missing ticks on the register and yet we know the person attended. Please make sure you do register. The forms are on the piano.
It is important because if you miss more than 3 rehearsals you will be politely asked not to sing in the concert – subject to Andrea’s decision. We know this is new for the FC but it is not unusual for choral societies. If you commit, we will make sure you are up to a great performance level on concert day.
Many thanks.
The Committee

3 Responses to “Registration”
  1. Edward Sadler says:

    Could the committee explain whether the “three refusals and you are out” rule applies to Saturday rehearsals as well as Monday rehearsals. If it only applies to Monday rehearsals, do you get a “credit” for attending a Saturday rehearsal against a missed Monday rehearsal?

  2. Harriet Hall says:

    I’d like to know this too. Saturdays have always been voluntary extras. If this has changed I’d like a bit of warning.

    • The committee have , in the past, asked only that the last rehearsal be attended. No mention has ever been made of Saturdays as being voluntary. We understood it was more difficult for some members to attend, but always emphasised the considerable advantage to attending. The registration is an experiment to see how attendance changes over certain dates and through the term. The committee were aware of a very few members who frankly didn’t know the piece because they had missed so many rehearsals and yet took part in the concert. We hired Andrea to take the choir to another level. That cannot be achieved without commitment and that is recognised in regular attendance.

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