Radio interview tonight 7pm

On Friday 19th February, Andrea Brown will be on our local radio – – when she will be in conversation with Julia Bright on “Wandsworth Tonight”, the local news show between 6pm and 7pm. They will be in the studio in Battersea Park Road and will be talking about the Festival Chorus, the 40th anniversary, our Fundraising Anniversary Dinner – and much more. Do make time to tune in via the website. The LISTEN! button is on the Home page – it is a really good, easy-to-navigate website. The Wandsworth Tonight shows get uploaded onto Soundcloud and Mixcloud for listening again. All made clear on the Home Page!

And this is not all – Julia will welcome Andrea as her guest on Classical Wandsworth, the weekly classical music hour, one Tuesday evening in the spring. The date is still to be decided BECAUSE it will depend on co-ordinating dates with winners of the Auction invitation to be present in Studio – see the exciting list of auction items and put in your bid!


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