The Hangover!

Last night St Luke’s was filled with the sound of music and merriment as 200 supporters of The Festival Chorus enjoyed a fantastic evening raising funds to pay for our commission. The composer – Colin Matthews was present, and it gave him a good opportunity to get a feel for the choir – off duty.
The quiz was quite tricky in parts and especially if you were not up to date with celebrities and photos of their younger selves. Derek Carden ran the musical section of the quiz. It proved to be handy to have the Colin, David or Andrea on your team as they seemed to know all the answers to that section! Our Quiz was won by the Beef Flats Team – mostly consisting of the Ellis Family. Well done them.
Andrea and David gave us a great rendition of “Anything you can do I can do better” which was followed in the next break by Paul Sheehan singing a specially written version of ‘ A Modern Major General” – A Modern Chorus Festival! We had to join in the choruses which everyone did with relish. We hope to get the words out to you all soon.
After all the fun we got down to the serious business of the auction. We had a number of bids from people who could not attend already on the books, but most items exceeded our estimates which was fantastic. Many , many thanks to the kind donors of the Auction items.This weekend we will be e mailing all successful bidders and asking for payment. If you don’t receive notification then you were not successful, but do e mail us if you are unsure –
The tills on the bar were hot by the end of the evening and we certainly didn’t stint on the alcohol consumption, as was proved by the number of bottles in recycling this morning – embarrassing! Many thanks to Daniel and Emma who worked very hard on the bar all evening but still managed to come third in the Quiz!
Most people were amazed at the transformation of the church which was designed and coordinated by Libby Spurrier. She marshalled a team of volunteers throughout Friday, but also (a much more subdued team) this morning. Masses of thanks to her.
We hope to be able to give you a total raised from the evening by next week, but we do know we have exceeded our target of £5000. We are still receiving donations as well. Some people were unlucky in the Auction but decided to give us a cheque instead as a donation. If you wish to make a donation to fund the commission then please either send us a cheque or BACs us via the usual details. If you are unsure what those are, please e mail us
We will be posting photos soon.
Now we need to recover and get ready for the Brahms!


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