Comment on the concert

Dear singers,

Many congratulations on an extremely moving and powerful concert – well done. I thought you all did very well particularly as I know some of you were suffering from colds etc. The Beethoven was a triumph – and your diction impeccable. Huge congratulations to Elspeth who played beautifully and with great artistry, and to the Sinclair Sinfonia, particularly as the piece was rather unknown to them. I must say that the Brahms was very moving – particularly movements 1,2 and 6. Both soloists performed well (I rather envied your ‘sit’ in movement 5), and for me, movement 6 (the most challenging one) was spectacular. I think we were all a little tired at movement 7 but, nonetheless, the final chords ‘selig sind’ were quite magical. We’ve had lovely feedback from the audience – do please post any photos to our Facebook page as it would be great to see some pictures of our excellent performance. Well well done to you all!

Many thanks must go to the committee and to those who set-up/put away the concert, hosted soloists, and the party. Much goes on behind the scenes of ‘rehearsal and performance’ and your contribution and continued support is inspirational. I do hope you all have a good rest and I’m looking forward to our next season of Dove and Orff – starting on the 4th April.

with very best wishes,



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