The first rehearsal – tomorrow

Regular Festival Chorus members will know that the first rehearsal is always the busiest. It will be most helpful if you can bring your completed form to the rehearsal and once you have picked up your new music, move away from the entrance.
The registration forms will on the benches behind Andrea, with sops and tenors on the bench nearest the far door. If you attended last term your name will be on the lists. If you are new please just write your name below the others.
We are looking for help to take a number of jobs off committee members. I have already posted a plea for a web site helper, but we also need some more prosaic help. Each Monday, the chairs need putting out along with the piano. For a group of 5 this job would take 10 minutes. The first few rehearsals are particularly tricky as the chair organisers are also the welcomers/music distributers/fee takers etc etc.
If you can help with this job please e mail us via

One Response to “The first rehearsal – tomorrow”
  1. Stephen says:

    Thankyou, I wont be with you this summer, but will be back in September. Hope it goes well, do keep me on the mailing list please. Best wishes Stephen Pickles – tenor

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