Concert Review

Dear All,

Congratulations to you all for such a splendid concert on Saturday! I thought your performance was rather excellent with moments of sheer brilliance in both the Dove and Orff. Our ‘orchestra’ played magnificently, deftly led by Elspeth and Will and our soloists, as well as singing beautifully, all commented on the confident and musical performance of the Festival Chorus. The semi-choir sang both nimbly and mellifluously – well done to them too! The big moments for me were – Ring Out Wild Bells (that performance was simply fantastic), the quiet intensity of ‘semper crescis’, altos beautiful tone (and beautiful playing) in ‘chume’, the tenor and bass ‘wafnas’ and very boisterous ‘In Taverna’, the Broomwood Hall choir’s ‘Amor volat undique’ a glittering ‘Veni’ I really could go on and on here as there were many exciting, tuneful and magical moments. Well, well done to you all!

Thanks must go to those who organised the concert – the set up, the set down, the programmes/bar, the hosting and the after-show bbq. I do hope you all manage a good rest over the summer and I look forward to seeing you all later today at our AGM.

With every best wish,


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