Background and practise information for The Messiah

There are masses of recordings of the Messiah. You could search out a recording with traditional instruments as that is more likely to be at baroque pitch. Otherwise Andrea recommends looking out for recordings by The Sixteen or the old Hogwood/Kirkby etc recording

Two articles you might find interesting about the differences between the pitch we sing in the modern world and that of Handel’s era.

A video of Part One played on traditional instruments. (I am assuming they are playing at baroque pitch, but it is not explicit)

Andrea is hoping to get some sound cloud recordings done at the correct pitch but in the mean time so that you can get a flavour here is the modern pitch practise help

Also if you have an apple phone you can get a very useful App called Learn my Part. Here is the You Tube link to figure out how to use it.

5 Things you didn’t know about the Messiah!


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