About the Festival Chorus

The Festival Chorus is a choral society of over 100 voices based between Clapham Common and Wandsworth Common, London SW11/12. It performs three times a year, employs professional orchestras and soloists, and is one of the most established and accomplished amateur choruses in South London. It is truly open to all, no matter what your ability or experience may be. There are no auditions, but you are expected to practise at home and attend rehearsals regularly. Simply turn up to one of our Monday rehearsals to join us.

Our resident musical director is the very accomplished Andrea Brown.

We are also on Facebook.

2 Responses to “About the Festival Chorus”
  1. Annabel Cullen says:

    This website is brilliant and I use it all the time to check stuff, but would it possible to delete some of the older posts now? They can make it quite hard to find what you need to know. Thanks.

    • Hi Annabel,
      Sorry to be so slow to pick up this comment. The web site is actually a blog which means that postings scroll down, which is probably why you had to search to find what you want. However, each post is put in a category, and the list of categories is on the right hand side. If you click on the relevant one it will bring up postings which include that topic. The categories are easily changed and added to. Was there something you were looking for that I can make a category? That would make searches easier?
      Felicity – Sop1

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