Background and practise information for The Messiah

There are masses of recordings of the Messiah. You could search out a recording with traditional instruments as that is more likely to be at baroque pitch. Otherwise Andrea recommends looking out for recordings by The Sixteen or the old Hogwood/Kirkby etc recording Two articles you might find interesting about the differences between the pitch … Continue reading

Theory lessons

Do you struggle sometimes with musical terms and changing time signatures? Interested in learning a bit more? Pippa MacDonald, retired music teacher and Chairman, is ¬†going to run 3 theory sessions on Jan 23, 30 and Feb 6th from 6.45 to 7.30. These will be for those who feel they know very little about the … Continue reading

Spem in Alium Sound Files

Feeling like a rabbit in the headlights after last night’s rehearsal? Don’t panic! Cyberbass, do a rehearsal ‘tape’ for each part of each choir of the Spem in Alium. Here is the link

Practise links

Here is the cyberbas link for Carmina Burana and a performance to listen to The Dove does not have a cyberbas recording and unfortunately the You Tube videos are all of individual movements. Here is the link to the work and you can scroll down to find the movement you want to listen to. … Continue reading

Home work links

Here are some links to help you work on you pieces at home. Brahms Requiem – Beethoven Choral Fantasie – Choralline do a download you have to pay for ––choral-fantasia#.Voty0zYuJFJ We will have Choralline CD’s for you to borrow. A free version – but it will be difficult to download unless you also … Continue reading

Chant rhythms for the Dixit

Our longer rehearsal is today! Looking forward to seeing you all at St Mary’s, Balham. Andrea has sent us the chant rhythms for the Dixit Dominus sp we can get them spot on. Dixit Dominus Chant rhythms

Here is the Rehearsal Schedule again and some practise links

Rehearsal Schedule nov 2015

Rehearsal Schedule for the Monteverdi

Please note that the sectional dates at the end are proposed not fixed. 7/9 Deus in Adju/Dixit 14/9 as above + Magnificat 21/9 Laudate Pueri 28/9 Laudate Pueri 1st Sat – review all of the above 5/10 Ave Maria + Nisi Dominus 12/10 Nisi Dominus 19/10 Lauda Jerusalem 26/10 Lauda Jerusalem 2nd Sat – review … Continue reading

Changes for the Autumn.

The summer break is here. We finished our term with a fine flourish – a great performance of the Mozart Mass in C minor, a thoroughly enjoyable barbecue and a very well attended AGM. However, we are already looking forward to next term which will start on Monday 7th September, 7.45pm, Broomwood Church Hall, Kyrle … Continue reading

Something to be getting on with over the summer

We had a very enjoyable and interesting AGM yesterday. We will be posting the details of Andrea’s speech etc on the site later. In the mean time she was very keen for everyone to get started learning the Monteverdi over the summer. That will allow her to concentrate on our sound (rather than just note … Continue reading